Pen and square and waves

There is a way to technique as when to carve a seal character plus motif, change the motif of a part of a character.

To pen a diagonal line this time,
Square in the mouth part, I have to wave the up part.

By experience, some form or apply to a part of a character, you've got to understand.
It is a technique idea is important.

It is the result of listening to the self-indulgence of our customers:D


Coverage of the newspaper in Singapore

I made HANKO for Japanese expatriates's newspaper of Singapore.
I was asked to interview for the seal in your edge it.

Here is the link to the article of The Straits Times.


Souvenir Japanese-style

As one of the souvenir of Japan, I suggest Japanese Kanji stamp.
Kanji stamp is 420 yen per one.
Pronunciation and meaning of Kanji. Wrote in English.
It is in an oriental atmosphere you press on the card Kanji stamp.

This one is a rubber stamp of the address I created in the original. Price is higher.:D


2.All roads lead to Inso-tai

Inso-tai is the face of Japan's own to be used only HANKO.
It is a typeface which is to be placed in a full circle letter , contact the character in the frame of HANKO in the direction of eight .
There is a sense in each of eight directions , by character and frame are in contact ,
It is said that part of the omen is good .
In addition , HANKO of Inso-tai carved by hand is difficult to counterfeit .
Currently , Inso-tai is mainstream HANKO to make to order in Japan .

There is no dictionary of Inso-tai.
Because there is no dictionary , it is easy to put out the personality of the artist carved HANKO ,
It is easy to understand for a person of ordinary difference HANKO hand-carved and machine carved .

It is common on the basis of the Tensho, will stretch the character .
What typefaces in the base , I can to Inso-tai.
I've included in Inso-tai the same Chinese characters based on various typefaces .
All roads lead to Inso-tai. : D
Arrangement of Inso-tai are endless .As can be seen by one of the HANKO is all different ,I can get carving HANKO.


1.Typeface used for HANKO

Typeface  used in HANKO traditionally , are limited.
For example , HANKO do not make in the Gothic and Mincho .
Broadly speaking the font to be used , is a 6- type Tensho, Reisho, Kaisho, Gyousou, Koin, and Insou-tai.

It comes from the history of Chinese characters in China .
By Qin Shi Huang who built the Great Wall , Shoten (Tensho to roughly divided ) was compiled .

Reisho you easier to read and write the Shoten was born in that era .

Shoten , go form that is easy to carve stone , to Inten.

Kaisho was born on the basis of the Reisho. Gyosho was born on the basis of the reisho.

And , I thought that it was seen Reisho that has passed into Japan , it was carved to each other metals from missing , that there is a taste in it.
Japan's unique typeface that Koin was born.

I wrote the Chinese characters some typefaces, respectively.
Next time , it is about the unique Japanese Inso-tai.


Parakeet like the punk rocker

Do you know the parakeet such as the face of the punk rocker?
The parakeet is called "OKAME-INKO" in Japan.
This is because there is the red mask of cheeks called "OKAME".

The parakeet is called "Nymphicus hollandicus" in the United States.
I do not know it for some reason.

It is the parakeet which I want to call a punk rocker :D


The small tree which has begun to walk

There is the picture book entitled "small tree which has begun to walk".
It is a French picture book.
I carved a hanko in a motif with the picture book.
I thought that the order for hanko came from France.
However, this picture book does not seem to be sold anymore in France.

I cannot dream :D


People like a cat

Because I made a model of the story comics,
people who read the comic come to my shop. 
And those people will order the hanko.
Sometimes cats have appeared in the comics, people like a cat will be coming to my shop a lot.
Those people will show me a picture of a cat that kept their own.
They say selfish and carved this cat in the seal to me.

I carve the eye is very difficult. 
In just a little difference, expression will change.
So, I do not want to carve the face of the cat as much as possible.
But I carved the eyes reluctantly this time.

She said happily when it is an outrageously cat.
Those sharp eyes seem more was good:D

Cartoonist has been tweeted.

In souvenir bring, to make to order the seal. They will Bring me a delicious thing ever since.
There is worth to do my best.lol


Forest View

I've come to "NASU plateau" in the summer vacation.
Enter the hotel room, I was surprised. There was that I stayed in a room overlooking the sea, but the rooms overlooking the forest is the first time.

I shouted "Forest View!".
My family told me.
 Forest view is wrong. 
Here is not a forest because plateau.
My family is tough to me:D
So, iplateau view.

For lunch, I ate this.


cat & dog

"IKEBANA" is traditional culture of the flower arrangement in Japan.
It does not make a symmetry first in "IKEBANA" to learn.
The building of a Shinto shrine and the Buddhist temple is symmetric and feels a sense of stability.
However, a natural thing does not completely have the symmetric thing.
The Japanese is attracted by a good thing of the balance while being right and left asymmetry.

A With all one's might, you'll see the left-right asymmetry.kanji has a lot of symmetric characters.
When I make a symmetric character a seal, I am aware of carving it unsymmetrically.
This is because it is seen like some kind of marks when it makes a symmetry.

The seal becomes unique unsymmetrically by carving it.

The seal of a good design with the silhouette of a cat and the dog as a part of the kanji was completed.
With all one's might, you'll see the left-right asymmetry:D


Third generation

My father inherited the seal shop which my grandfather began.
And I inherited a seal(HANKO) shop.

I continue the same business at the same place ()Under the Shibuya scramble crossing
for 55 years from 1957.
I am a HANKO Artist for the third generation.

It was found that GIRLS' GENERATION had a common point with me at the third generation and GIRLS' GENERATION, generation.
I am glad.:D

First grandfather carved this.

One one of the lines serves as a reference.


New trend!?

In Japan, the separate family names of the couple are not recognized.
(But, in the case of an intercultural marriage, it may not be so.)
Therefore, the woman often turns into the family name of the man when she married.
A woman often makes a seal(HANKO) with a new family name at the time of marriage.
When she makes a very good seal(hanko) with a new family name,
she wants to continue this marriage throughout the life.
This is because this handmade seal is not usable
when it is divorced, and a family name changes again.

The HANKO is personal in the same way as a signature.
You must not use the same HANKO even if it is a couple and is the same family name.

There is a person ordering a HANKO carving a family name and a motif.
It is to attach a HANKO and distinction in couples with being a pretty HANKO.
People deciding a motif from a meaning of one's first name increase.
It is a new trend.
OK, can you imagine first name from this HANKO?

The flower of the plum does not matter.


Can you read Kim TaeYeon?

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making “HANKO” handmade in the order.

Korean one woman has come to make automatic stamp.
She has visited Japan in the working holiday.
It seems to have been told to make the automatic stamp apparel companies junkyard.

I said.
I am a fan of "Girls' Generation". 

She said.
Among the members, who do you like?

 I like TaeYone.

She said.
TaeYeon is cute.

I was somewhat pleased.
 I have carved a seal Kim TaeYeon in Hangul to the home page for the English version. 
Can you see what really read?

She said.I can read Kim TaeYeon.
Here,  it is heart.
My reaction was so bad, she said twice and it is heart here.

I said.
This is not really yet.
When Kim TaeYeon herself ordered,
 I carved more awesome seal(HANKO).

I hope that my dream is fulfilled.


For the bride's Taiwanese

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making “HANKO” handmade in the order.

She said.I now that my brother is getting married. 
So I would like to present the seal to the bride.

Do you decide motif something? 

Kanji lotus to the name of the bride is on. 
As the lotus motif, I want carved into the seal.

While talking, she has found a fan of "Girls' Generation". 
Me, too.
Because it is a seal carve for fans of "Girls' Generation",
fighting spirit has entered more me. (Laughs)
And I was completed.

Lotus is a good motif of me.


Artist or craftsman or Meister

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making “HANKO” handmade in the order.

A Japanese living in the United States,
we ask you to be translated into English Japanese homepage of my shop.
Japanese word "Shoku-nin" has been translated as artist.
It was a craftsman If you look in a dictionary Japanese word "Shoku-nin".
"Shoku-nin" is used in Japanese as a professional for the job.

Have you ever thought the difference between artist and "Shoku-nin".
Some want to express themselves in artist.
There is nothing I want to express themselves in the "Shoku-nin".
"Shoku-nin" only makes the ordered thing from customers.
So "Shoku-nin" does not need much creativity.
"Shoku-nin" does not come to a deadlock.
The artist often comes to a deadlock by the making of work.

Because I do not come to a deadlock, I am "Shoku-nin".
I have a little different than a general "Shoku-nin",
 is that you think I try to make things a little better than what the customer wants.

I had thought Meister When translated into English, "Shoku-nin".
I know the German word "Meister".
Foreign words in katakana, will think all English. (Laughs)

I was taught "sushi shoku-nin" is called sushi artist in the United States.
If so, I also may be referred to as a artist.

One of my goal, is to take orders from the seal(HANKO) of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
So, I must be an artist.

This is the type A with the seal of the $ 100,000 one.
I carved a "Museum of Fine Arts, Boston" in Japanese in the jewel in this pattern.
I put a hidden "mfa" in the alphabet in a pattern of clouds outside.
I put things like Boston and things Japanese in the cloud further.
If you're familiar with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Japanese art,
 it should be tempted to order.
You think so?


Special dragon

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making “HANKO” handmade in the order.

I have designed the dragon to the part of the Chinese character "HANKO".
Kanji Japanese last name of "clear water" is lined up and down.
1.“Kaisho”is the basic, block style of  writing.
2.“Tensho”is a style of writing Chinese characters. (mainly used for seals)
3.“Insotai”is a typeface I arranged to extend eight direction the character of "Tensho".
    This is the face of HANKO dedicated to Japan's own.

This is by my original the combined motif to Inso-tai.


Dragon in a circle of 12 mm

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making “HANKO” handmade in the order.

Without wings, dragon Japan is three fingers.
And the dragon has a ball harboring the power of mystery in hand.
The dragon symbolizes the rise luck.
I carved by hand in a 12 mm round the first name and Dragon.

People who get this "HANKO dragon" is whether the rise in luck, I do not know.
But when the customer get the "HANKO dragon", that person will smile.


HANKO or Seal

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making 'HANKO’handmade in the order.

One day, I was asked by international architect's.
 How to translate English "HANKO"?

Stamp is a rubber stamp.

Those without the ink, you can push as it is transmitted to say automatic stamp.

I did not translating them into English "HANKO".

He said.
It translates into English "HANKO" It's a "seal".
There is a coat of arms must be in the embassy.
I'm pushing the seal on the cover of the document that I submitted to the embassy.

I had thought seal from what glue is attached.

I learned to be a "seal" when translate into English "HANKO".

Japanese to one of living in the United States, and asked that it be translated into English the Japanese homepage of my shop.
Then "HANKO" is not a seal, it was described as "HANKO" as it is.
Why not?
The seal and HANKO, nuance is so different.

As is karaoke in the world karaoke, word of Japan's unique culture is the word of the world as it is.

New My dream is to make the world a common word "HANKO".


Mt. Fuji in the round of 12 mm

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making a seal handmade in the order.

Through the website, I began to challenge intends to obtain the order of "HANKO" from all over the world.

To get to know the design my power, you should know if you get a look at this.

In the 12 mm round, I was carved by hand the family name and Mt. Fuji.
Just imagine the size of the actual.


Location of my shop

Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Hachiko Square
There is a famous statue of the Akita dog "HACHI" as a faithful dog.

There is Shibuya scramble crossing to the destination. 

There is a well-known location of that it was also used for movie locations.

And there underground mall old No. 1 is "SHIBUCHIKA" in Japan under it.
There is not famous.

Located in the underground mall is seal my store.
It is famous for a little sometimes became a model of the story comic.

Shibuya scramble crossing under, I have been making the seal by hand.