2.All roads lead to Inso-tai

Inso-tai is the face of Japan's own to be used only HANKO.
It is a typeface which is to be placed in a full circle letter , contact the character in the frame of HANKO in the direction of eight .
There is a sense in each of eight directions , by character and frame are in contact ,
It is said that part of the omen is good .
In addition , HANKO of Inso-tai carved by hand is difficult to counterfeit .
Currently , Inso-tai is mainstream HANKO to make to order in Japan .

There is no dictionary of Inso-tai.
Because there is no dictionary , it is easy to put out the personality of the artist carved HANKO ,
It is easy to understand for a person of ordinary difference HANKO hand-carved and machine carved .

It is common on the basis of the Tensho, will stretch the character .
What typefaces in the base , I can to Inso-tai.
I've included in Inso-tai the same Chinese characters based on various typefaces .
All roads lead to Inso-tai. : D
Arrangement of Inso-tai are endless .As can be seen by one of the HANKO is all different ,I can get carving HANKO.

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