1.Typeface used for HANKO

Typeface  used in HANKO traditionally , are limited.
For example , HANKO do not make in the Gothic and Mincho .
Broadly speaking the font to be used , is a 6- type Tensho, Reisho, Kaisho, Gyousou, Koin, and Insou-tai.

It comes from the history of Chinese characters in China .
By Qin Shi Huang who built the Great Wall , Shoten (Tensho to roughly divided ) was compiled .

Reisho you easier to read and write the Shoten was born in that era .

Shoten , go form that is easy to carve stone , to Inten.

Kaisho was born on the basis of the Reisho. Gyosho was born on the basis of the reisho.

And , I thought that it was seen Reisho that has passed into Japan , it was carved to each other metals from missing , that there is a taste in it.
Japan's unique typeface that Koin was born.

I wrote the Chinese characters some typefaces, respectively.
Next time , it is about the unique Japanese Inso-tai.

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