People like a cat

Because I made a model of the story comics,
people who read the comic come to my shop. 
And those people will order the hanko.
Sometimes cats have appeared in the comics, people like a cat will be coming to my shop a lot.
Those people will show me a picture of a cat that kept their own.
They say selfish and carved this cat in the seal to me.

I carve the eye is very difficult. 
In just a little difference, expression will change.
So, I do not want to carve the face of the cat as much as possible.
But I carved the eyes reluctantly this time.

She said happily when it is an outrageously cat.
Those sharp eyes seem more was good:D

Cartoonist has been tweeted.

In souvenir bring, to make to order the seal. They will Bring me a delicious thing ever since.
There is worth to do my best.lol


Forest View

I've come to "NASU plateau" in the summer vacation.
Enter the hotel room, I was surprised. There was that I stayed in a room overlooking the sea, but the rooms overlooking the forest is the first time.

I shouted "Forest View!".
My family told me.
 Forest view is wrong. 
Here is not a forest because plateau.
My family is tough to me:D
So, iplateau view.

For lunch, I ate this.


cat & dog

"IKEBANA" is traditional culture of the flower arrangement in Japan.
It does not make a symmetry first in "IKEBANA" to learn.
The building of a Shinto shrine and the Buddhist temple is symmetric and feels a sense of stability.
However, a natural thing does not completely have the symmetric thing.
The Japanese is attracted by a good thing of the balance while being right and left asymmetry.

A With all one's might, you'll see the left-right asymmetry.kanji has a lot of symmetric characters.
When I make a symmetric character a seal, I am aware of carving it unsymmetrically.
This is because it is seen like some kind of marks when it makes a symmetry.

The seal becomes unique unsymmetrically by carving it.

The seal of a good design with the silhouette of a cat and the dog as a part of the kanji was completed.
With all one's might, you'll see the left-right asymmetry:D