HANKO or Seal

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making 'HANKO’handmade in the order.

One day, I was asked by international architect's.
 How to translate English "HANKO"?

Stamp is a rubber stamp.

Those without the ink, you can push as it is transmitted to say automatic stamp.

I did not translating them into English "HANKO".

He said.
It translates into English "HANKO" It's a "seal".
There is a coat of arms must be in the embassy.
I'm pushing the seal on the cover of the document that I submitted to the embassy.

I had thought seal from what glue is attached.

I learned to be a "seal" when translate into English "HANKO".

Japanese to one of living in the United States, and asked that it be translated into English the Japanese homepage of my shop.
Then "HANKO" is not a seal, it was described as "HANKO" as it is.
Why not?
The seal and HANKO, nuance is so different.

As is karaoke in the world karaoke, word of Japan's unique culture is the word of the world as it is.

New My dream is to make the world a common word "HANKO".

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