Artist or craftsman or Meister

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making “HANKO” handmade in the order.

A Japanese living in the United States,
we ask you to be translated into English Japanese homepage of my shop.
Japanese word "Shoku-nin" has been translated as artist.
It was a craftsman If you look in a dictionary Japanese word "Shoku-nin".
"Shoku-nin" is used in Japanese as a professional for the job.

Have you ever thought the difference between artist and "Shoku-nin".
Some want to express themselves in artist.
There is nothing I want to express themselves in the "Shoku-nin".
"Shoku-nin" only makes the ordered thing from customers.
So "Shoku-nin" does not need much creativity.
"Shoku-nin" does not come to a deadlock.
The artist often comes to a deadlock by the making of work.

Because I do not come to a deadlock, I am "Shoku-nin".
I have a little different than a general "Shoku-nin",
 is that you think I try to make things a little better than what the customer wants.

I had thought Meister When translated into English, "Shoku-nin".
I know the German word "Meister".
Foreign words in katakana, will think all English. (Laughs)

I was taught "sushi shoku-nin" is called sushi artist in the United States.
If so, I also may be referred to as a artist.

One of my goal, is to take orders from the seal(HANKO) of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
So, I must be an artist.

This is the type A with the seal of the $ 100,000 one.
I carved a "Museum of Fine Arts, Boston" in Japanese in the jewel in this pattern.
I put a hidden "mfa" in the alphabet in a pattern of clouds outside.
I put things like Boston and things Japanese in the cloud further.
If you're familiar with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Japanese art,
 it should be tempted to order.
You think so?

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