Can you read Kim TaeYeon?

Under the Shibuya scramble crossing, I'm making “HANKO” handmade in the order.

Korean one woman has come to make automatic stamp.
She has visited Japan in the working holiday.
It seems to have been told to make the automatic stamp apparel companies junkyard.

I said.
I am a fan of "Girls' Generation". 

She said.
Among the members, who do you like?

 I like TaeYone.

She said.
TaeYeon is cute.

I was somewhat pleased.
 I have carved a seal Kim TaeYeon in Hangul to the home page for the English version. 
Can you see what really read?

She said.I can read Kim TaeYeon.
Here,  it is heart.
My reaction was so bad, she said twice and it is heart here.

I said.
This is not really yet.
When Kim TaeYeon herself ordered,
 I carved more awesome seal(HANKO).

I hope that my dream is fulfilled.

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