New trend!?

In Japan, the separate family names of the couple are not recognized.
(But, in the case of an intercultural marriage, it may not be so.)
Therefore, the woman often turns into the family name of the man when she married.
A woman often makes a seal(HANKO) with a new family name at the time of marriage.
When she makes a very good seal(hanko) with a new family name,
she wants to continue this marriage throughout the life.
This is because this handmade seal is not usable
when it is divorced, and a family name changes again.

The HANKO is personal in the same way as a signature.
You must not use the same HANKO even if it is a couple and is the same family name.

There is a person ordering a HANKO carving a family name and a motif.
It is to attach a HANKO and distinction in couples with being a pretty HANKO.
People deciding a motif from a meaning of one's first name increase.
It is a new trend.
OK, can you imagine first name from this HANKO?

The flower of the plum does not matter.

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